Department Overview

The South Orange County School of the Arts (SOCSA) offers not only technical training for the serious dance student, but practical training as well. Students will be trained formally in the major of dance through the genres of ballet, tap, jazz, and modern dance.  Thus, the students acquire four years of experience in dancing choreographed works in a company environment, which will include not only dance training and choreographic experiences with guest artists and dance faculty, but exposure to learning how to choreograph for musical theater, costume and makeup and a myriad of leadership opportunities within the department.

Auditions for the Dance department for all students for the 2019/2020 school year will take place on March 11, 2019, 4-7 p.m. in the Dana Hills dance room.  All students (current and future) interested in dance must attend this audition for placement.

Please attend REVIVE the 2019 SOCSA Dance Concert January 31, 2019, February 1-2, 2019 in the Porthole Theater at 7 p.m.

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SOCSA Dance ensemble

The South Orange County School of the Arts (SOCSA) offers the serious dance student both technical and practical formal training in the major genres of dance, including: ballet, contemporary, hip-hop, jazz, lyrical, modern, and tap. Preparing dancers for a career on stage, film, or even within a classroom setting, the SOCSA Dance department gives a technical overview of many styles, pushing students to work as a company, yet allowing them to find their own style of movement, which they will use when furthering their education after high school.  The dance program addresses all the needs of the student for directly entering into a career in dance, a program or institution of higher learning, or just simply for the appreciation and love toward the art of dance.

SOCSA Dance Production

All SOCSA Dance students will be encouraged yearly to audition to become a member of the SOCSA Dance Production, an elite dance company at Dana Hills. Dance Production prepares students for the professional world, giving them extensive opportunities to explore their personal craft by performing as a working company. Dance Production students spend a minimum of 8 hours per week in dance and technique classes in addition to their rehearsal schedules. The SOCSA Dance Production dancers are also given the opportunity to choreograph not only their own solos, but both small and large group numbers, used in numerous shows throughout the year. Members of this group represent the SOCSA program on the Dana Hills campus during school-wide Pep Rallies, where they perform 4 times a year!