SOCSA Medals may be worn at graduation!

SOCSA Medals may be worn at graduation!


All SOCSA Students are eligible to earn graduation medals… (Class of 2020 and forward)

SOCSA Medalists are generally students who pursue a 4 year course of arts study while in high school of more than one class per semester. Students are recommended to complete 40 units in one discipline and additional units may be from other disciplines.

Requirements: Gold 120 Arts credits on transcript, Silver 100 Arts credits on transcript, Bronze 75 Arts Credits on Transcript. Visual Arts 50 units for a Bronze. SOCSA Registration Form on file, ($25.00 fee to cover cost of medal) if no donation was made. Find further information about this in the SOCSA handbook elsewhere on this website. Please email Mrs. Reidling at kereidling@capousd.org with questions about your eligibility.

2019 Medalists:


Dylan Avillanoza, William Campisano, Meredith Cook, Sarah Glick, Andrew Lavin, Clay Walker, Sasha Zahradnik


Riley Byrnes, Alex Canzoneri, Eris Kershaw, Sophia Nenninger, Gabbi Sparks, Anne Spencer, Kiku Yoneda


Greer Albaugh, Dominic Andraos, Bryan Arias, Nolan Ayers, Clark Casey, Emma Charles, Madison Grimes, Tayler Hinrichsen, Jaclyn Hoostal, Parker Keeley, Jade Knowles, Sophia Lombardo, Ryan Miele, Jade Nicoletti, Lauren Stevens, Chloe Taylor, David Walsh, Maeve Wilson