International Thespian Society

Troupe 3805


Thespian society president

Lauren Stevens


Thespian Society Secretary

Sophie Lombardo

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Thespian Society Treasurer

Dylan Avillanoza


Thespian Society
Public Relations Officer

Lexi James


Thespian Apprentices

Students working towards becoming Inducted Thespians are crucial to our productions! Performing in the ensemble, working in the backstage crews, and assisting in the creative process help expose them and nurture their interest in the world of theatre!

Inducted Thespians

Students who have worked at least 100 hours in the theatre process. Performing in multiple productions, designing all aspects of technical theatre, and putting their artistic spirits to work in the community help to mold and foster their own artistic power.

Events and activities

Thespian Inductions
Fony Awards
Community Events