Our program would not function without our support staff and coaches!

SOCSA Support staff

Brittany Casey; Assistant Principal DHHS, VAPA/SOCSA

Keeran Reidling; Assistant to Mrs. Casey, VAPA/SOCSA

department and class coaches


Joe LaMasa; Stagecraft

Nathan Longdon; Guitar, Afterschool Musical Theatre PE, Actor’s Rep

Keeran Reidling; Theatrical Production

Robert Ramirez; Musical Theatre Music Director


Rachel Danielson; Vocal Music Accompanist

Catherine Forbush; Vocal Music Accompanist (Jazz)


Alayna Ryan:  Color Guard Coach

Roger Carter: Marching Percussion Caption Head

David Phan: Marching Band Visual Coach

Connor Logan: Marching Band Visual Coach

Walter Simonsen:  Marching Band Coach, Music and Visual Design Caption Head