2019 Music and arts commendation awards

at segerstrom center for the arts

Curtains, Heart and Soul Award
Dylan Avillanoza, College Scholarship
Highest Achievement: Sarah Glick (Spelling Bee & Curtains); Dylan Avillanoza (Spelling Bee & Curtains); Lauren Stevens (Spelling Bee & Curtains); William Campisano (Curtains)
Outstanding Achievement: William Campisano (Spelling Bee); Greer Albaugh (Spelling Bee); Clay Walker (Spelling Bee); Lindsey Nielsen (Curtains);
Alexa James (Curtains)
Achievement: Riley Byrnes (Spelling Bee); Meredith Cook (Spelling Bee);
Parker Keeley (Spelling Bee);
Evan Gordon (Curtains)
Special Recognition: Adella Zani (Spelling Bee); Andrew Guthary (Curtains); Riley Byrnes (Curtains)
Bright Spot: Meredith Cook (Curtains); Maeve Wilson (Curtains); Benna Spotts (Curtains); Greer Albaugh (Curtains)

2019 OC Varsity Arts: Artist of the Year

Vocal Music: William Campisano, Semi-Finalist
Sasha Zahradnik, Semi-Finalist

Theatre Arts: Lauren Stevens, Nominee
Dylan Avillanoza, Semi-Finalist

Instrumental Music: Taylor Hinrichsen, Semi-Finalist

3-D Visual Arts: Kendall May, Nominee
Casey Corbett, Nominee

Congratulations to the SOCSA Students who participated and placed in the PTSA Reflections Contest!


Choir 2.jpg

Friends Festival at Solano Catholic Church

October 10, 2018 - Vocal Music students perform vocal selections at this local festival!

Choir 3.jpg

cusd High school vocal music festival

Our school district sponsored a vocal music festival for all of the programs in the district to perform. Our Vocal Ensemble and Blue Lantern Jazz Ensemble represented SOCSA Vocal Music

October 5, 2018


Commissioned Mural with the Parks and Recreation department of Dana Point

Click Here for an article by the OC Register celebrating our student work!


Dolphin regiment winter guard wins!

1st place win today at the WGASC High School Competition for the Dana Hills Dolphin Regiment Color Guard!

March 31, 2018.

2018 OC Register, Artist of the Year

Nominees in Dance
Sarah Glick (‘18) and Cassandra Lambros (‘19).

Nominees in Instrumental Music
Gunnar Steele (‘18) and William Dai (‘19).

Nominees in Theatre Arts
Dylan Avillanoza (‘18), Taylor Evans (‘18), Emmy Fry (‘19), Siena Mehta (‘19), Clay Walker (‘18), and Kaitlin Wright (‘18).

Nominees in Visual Arts
Hannah Scott (‘18), Brenna Walker (‘18), and Maddie Wand (‘18).

Nominees in Vocal Arts
Carly James (‘18), Sophie Lindborg (‘18), Claire Lisle (‘18) and Kate Simpson (‘18).

Finalist in Theatre Arts
Taylor Evans (‘18).

2017-18 Theatre Program Festival Results

Cast members from SOCSA’s Spring 2018 production of  Cats.  Photo Credit: Lynn Lindborg

Cast members from SOCSA’s Spring 2018 production of Cats. Photo Credit: Lynn Lindborg

Macy Awards
Bye bye birdie, fall musical
Cats, spring musical

Finalist: Best Male Dancer - Clay Walker; Albert Peterson, Bye Bye Birdie
Finalist: Best Male Dancer - Clay Walker; Munkustrap, Cats
Finalist: Best Actor - Clay Walker; Munkustrap, Cats

Bye Bye Birdie, fall Musical

Costume Design, Alina Van Dahlen (‘19).
Set Design, Gabbi Sparks (‘19) Amy Valencia (‘18).
Cameo Male Actor, Josh Wallin (‘20).
Male Soloist, Clay Walker (‘19).
Supporting Actress, Taylor Evans (‘18).
Actress of the Year, Sophie Lindborg (‘18).
Comedy Musical of the Year, Bye Bye Birdie

CETA HIGH SCHOOL theater festival
Arsenic and old lace

Certificates of Merit Recipients
Sabrina Jones (‘18), Director
Makenna Green (‘18), Set Design
Stone Burgan (‘18), Set Design
Molly Farrell (‘18), Costume Design
Bree Gaff (‘18), Costume Design
Kianna Hedmann (‘19), Costume Design
Kate Simpson (‘18), Make Up and Hair Design
Lauren Stevens (‘19), Make Up and Hair Design
Lauren Stevens (‘19), Elaine Harper
Dylan Avillanoza (‘19), Jonathan Brewster
Lauren Witkowski (‘19), Mrs. Witherspoon
Clay Walker (‘19), Mr. Gibbs
Sophie Nenninger (‘19), Lieutenant Rooney
Parker Keeley (‘19), Officer O’Hara
Makenna Green (‘18), Officer Klein
Sarah Glick (‘19), Officer Brophy
Anders Hosek (‘18), Reverend Harper

OC Cappies 2018
Arsenic and old lace, fall play
Cats, Spring Musical

Make Up and Hair Design in a Play: Carly James (‘18), Kate Simpson (‘18), Lauren Stevens (‘19).
Set Design in a Play, Stone Burgan (‘18) and Makenna Green (‘18).
Marketing for a Play, Sabrina Jones (‘18) and Maddie Wand (‘18).
Creativity: Directing, Sabrina Jones (‘18).
Comic Actor in a Play, Riley Byrnes (‘19).
Set Design in a Musical, Mazen Ghosn (‘18) and Kenny Maddox (‘18).
Featured Actor in a Musical, Toren Kuzminsky (‘19).
Female Dancer in a Musical, Sarah Glick (‘19).
Best Ensemble in a Musical, Jellicle Cats
Best Musical, Cats

Best Actress in a Play, Kaitlin Wright (‘18).
Make Up and Hair Design in a Musical: Emmy Fry (‘18) and Sophie Lombardo (‘19).
Costume Design in a Musical: Reilly Leva (‘18), Gabbi Sparks (‘19), Lauren Stevens (‘19).
Choreography in a Musical: Taylor Evans (‘18) and Sarah Glick (‘19)
Senior Critic of the Year, Sophie Lindborg (‘18).

March 20, 2018. Congratulations to our SOCSA Orchestra students after their competition at the SCSBOS Music Festival.
The orchestras handled themselves with professionalism and grace and their adjudicators and audience were impressed with the fact they were able to perform at such a high level, with challenging repertoire, considering they did not get their music until a few weeks after we all got started together.

1st Period Orchestra earned a Unanimous Superior Rating
3rd Period Orchestra earned a Superior Rating
5th Period Orchestra earned an Excellent Rating

Are you eligible for a SOCSA graduation medal?  As a senior with full participation, you may be eligible to wear this medal at your high school graduation.  As a senior, please email Mrs. Reidling at between March 1 and March 31 to check you eligibility.