The Academy concentrates on student-centered learning and programming.

There are many ways to get involved on campus in our Academy offerings: audition for various performance opportunities, sign up to work technical crews for our performances, register to be a Teacher’s Assistant (TA) for a period, apply to be a student leader in an arts club on campus, apply for a leadership position within the class that you take, join a club or an on-campus group!

Below are some opportunities available that relate to the arts:


On Campus Clubs

Anime Club
Cinema Club
Digital Arts Club
Drama Club
Improv Club
Record Club
Urban Dance Movement Club


SOCSA Leadership Positions

SOCSA Council
Choir Council
Section Leaders in Music
Visual Arts Leaders

On Campus Organizations

Orange County Cappies Critics Team
A collection of journalistic writers who see high school productions across Orange County and write reviews. The best reviews from each production are published in various publications

International Thespian Society
Troupe 3805
An International Honor Society for thespians and theatre students.