Alumni Statements

I’m grateful for SOCSA. I value the people I was surrounded by and how they all helped to shape me into who I am today. I gained the skills I needed to collaborate with various types of professionals while working together to meet common goals and I learned the value of discipline and follow through. I have the opportunity to apply my skills towards earning my college degree and in my career. Above all SOCSA showed me how to work hard but still have fun doing the work”
— JamieAnn Kaskowitz, SOCSA Theatre class of 2005
“I did a lot of the production work including props and set crew. In my senior year I took part in the SOCSA art courses. I’m now a special events coordinator for Onelegacy. I was responsible for all of the production design including marketing materials, flyers, banners, and booklets for my company’s float in the Rose Parade. SOCSA helped give me experience in how to build large events and create design that captivated audiences”
— Jay Jenkins, SOCSA Theatre and Visual Arts class of 2008
My skills as a trial attorney are directly connected to the skills I learned in high school theater — how to present, project, listen, and work collaboratively as well as how to respond to new information quickly and accurately. Litigation is just high stakes theatre”
— Kelly Sheahen Gerner, SOCSA Theatre class of 2000